About Us

Future Technology Innovations Inc.

After conducting extensive research, Future Technology Innovations Inc. launched a series of coating and cleaning solution products for the consumer, home, industrial, automotive, marine and aviation industry.

These coatings are formulated to be used on various surfaces such as metal alloys, plastic, glass, paint, leather, and fabric.

Our products extend the life of articles they are applied on, protecting them from wear & tear and damage. Extending the life of such articles helps avoid landfills and follow the Green Earth strategy.

 All these trademarks represent products manufactured to fulfill various consumer requirements such as surface protection, sanitization, hydrophobicity, anti-contamination, and anti-fouling.


The FTI team strives to provide its customers with maximum quality at each step of the process from procuring raw materials to delivery. Manufacturing not only under the FTI brand name but for other private label brands and well-established corporations around the globe.