Liqui Diamond is a low-maintenance protective coating that transforms glass into a high-performing, weather-repellent surface. Using a patented nanotechnology process, Liqui Diamond chemically bonds to the silica in the glass, filling in its microscopic peaks and valleys.

The result is an ultra-thin, yet resilient barrier that seals the surface of the glass, providing better visibility and reduced vehicle damage from harsh environments Liqui Diamond’s impact and scratch resistance were proven by tests conducted at the Institute for Glass Science and Engineering at Alfred University in New York – confirming that to damage a surface treated with Liqui Diamond, the force applied had to be 10X more than what it takes to damage an unprotected surface.



Hydrophobic (water repellency): 90% easier to clean Oleophobic (oil repellency): 90% easier to clean.

Stain and graffiti resistant: Easier to remove.

Optical clarity: 100% optically clear

Environmentally friendly: No harsh chemical cleaners needed.

Chemical resistant: acid resilient.

Temperature resistant: Up to 600° F I 325° C

UV resistant: Will not breakdown in sunlight

Scratch resistant: Prevents abrasion and scuffs.

Brilliance: Adds more shine

Impact resistant: helps prevent chipping.


Clean and dry the surface to be treated; a clean surface will provide better coating bend. Make sure any cleaners that are used are completely removed prior to treating the surface.

In a well-ventilated and shaded area with temperature between 20 to 30°C open the LIQUI DIAMOND ™ dropper bottle and apply a few drops onto the applicator pad and apply on the surface to be treated with circular motion, making sure to cover the whole surface. For large areas do a small section at a time.

After a few seconds use a clean paper or terry cotton towel to wipe away excess liquid, finally polish the surface with a microfiber cloth or paper towel.

In case a section has not been covered you may re-apply to that area. The liquid applied on the applicator pad will dry out soon add additional liquid as required. Approximately 4ml is required per square meter of glass surface.

Surface is ready for use immediately.

Wide Range of Application Bases.