TEX GUARD forms an invisible layer of tough bonded nano particles on any textile surface ensuring protection from daily use.

The coating assists in protecting all textile surfaces from stains, dirt, color transfers and other contaminants.

The bonded nano particles form a repellant barrier denying oil and liquids to impregnate the surface where applied. 

TEX GUARD aids in the longevity of such surfaces benefiting its users in numerous ways.





Makes surfaces easy to clean and maintain.

Forms a water and oil repellant barrier on the surface which helps avoid stains and dirt.


TEX GUARD as a DIY product is easily applied by any individual adhering to the steps mentioned below:

The application area should be clean and dry before applying TEX GUARD. Shake the product well prior to its use then spray liberally onto the surface to be protected. Apply the product evenly on the area in a horizontal and vertical manner ensuring no portion is left out. If applying on a large surface area, then it is advised to apply TEX GUARD section wise.

Leave the surface to dry naturally for 12 hours or you may use a hair dryer to speed up the drying. During application if the product is sprayed on an area outside of the required coverage area, it is recommended to wipe it off immediately using a microfiber towel or terry cloth. Surface is ready to use after drying with a minimum curing time of 12 hours.

Shelf Life: 24 months from production.

Consumption: 70 to 100 sprays square meter depending on porosity of the surface.

Storage: 05 to 35°C

Wide Range of Application Base.


Outdoor Furniture

Vulnerable Textile Surfaces