Ag3+ Active Silver Ion Antimicrobial Nano Coating Liquid – Certified to protect against Human Coronavirus

 Invisishield™ SILVER3+ 100 spray sterilization rate is up to 1000 times stronger than ordinary Ag⁺ or Ag° 60000 times stronger than alcohol.

Ag3⁺ Active Silver nano ions working principle:

The active factor of nano Ag3+coming in contact with bacterial/viral protein breaks down the cell wall.

  1. Nano Ag3+ produces more reactive oxygen species (ROS), which damages replication of DNA or RNA, makes protein denaturation and inactivation, bacteria and viruses are killed. After the cells become inactive, silver ions leave but continue to act against microbes, delivering a constant antimicrobial performance with no toxicity or side effects.

Unique Advantages:

Long lasting (up to 6 months on surface)

Rapid effect

Easy to use


Decompose odors

Effective against wide spectrum of bacteria and viruses

Wide Range of Application Bases.

As an inorganic natural mineral, the element of silver has a widely recognized antimicrobial function. Silver ions refer to silver atoms from which one or more electrons have been lost, and which exist in an ionic state. Often used in daily life for disinfection and sterilization.


One of the most vulnerable places to contract bacteria and viruses due to the illness prone environment and gathering of patients with different illnesses.

Every step must to taken to reduce transmission from most contacted surfaces such as:

Medical equipment (stethoscopes, x-ray beds, wheelchairs)

  • Door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, hospital beds
  • Counter tops, waiting room furnishings


 Gyms are also beneficiaries of invisishield technology. Constantly busy with multiple users of machines and handling the same equipment can cause virus and bacteria to thrive in such unhygienic environments.

Invisishield will protect against infections on surfaces like:

  • Gym equipment (dumbbells, machine handles, benches)
  • Toilets and shower enclosure
  • Changing rooms


Aviation industry transports hundreds of passengers each flight. Airplane enclosures are at high risk of virus and bacteria transmission with passengers commuting from several different countries.

Invisishield will protect against infections on surfaces like:

  • Table trays
  • Lavatories
  • Entertainment screens
  • Buttons and controls for lights and ventilation

Available sizes – 500ml, 5L

Public institutions and transport

Government offices, educational institutions, public transport vehicles & terminals are all at high risk of spread of bacteria and viruses due to the high volume of footfall in these places. Invisishield will protect against spread of infections and microbes.